Suzhou Plusvac Electric Co., Ltd. is happy to move to a new location
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With the increasingly fierce market competition, in order to optimize the company's resource allocation, improve the economy and efficiency, and promote the company's better development, the company's leaders have gone through several months of investigation and research, comprehensive analysis of the location of each location. Based on the advantages and disadvantages as well as the development trend, the site is finally determined - WLSPark, which will be moved to the new company in December 2021.

The new site is located in WLSPark, No. 393 Chunshenhu Middle Road, Yuanhe Street, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City. As a high-tech zone in Xiangcheng, Yuanhe Street has excellent market resources, advanced policy regulations, and space for long-term sustainable development, which is convenient for companies to reform and innovate, improve corporate governance structure, and implement corporate reengineering and process innovation.

Be cautious and realistic in operation, grasp the core in technology, truly achieve a reasonable strategy, perfect system, and competent personnel, grow the company, realize the company's diversified and international development strategy, and create a more brilliant tomorrow!

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