Zhoushan Tour
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In order to invigorate the company atmosphere, delight employees physically and mentally, enrich employees' spare time life, and strengthen communication among employees, Suzhou Plusvac Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. organized employees to visit "Zhoushan" on September 3, 2016.

Zhoushan is known as the "Buddha country in the sea and the sky and the port city of fishing". There are more than 1,390 large and small islands in Zhoushan, scattered on the vast east coast. Zhoushan Islands have obvious seasonal changes, warm in winter and cool in summer, mild and humid.

Zhoushan is a wonderful place, with countless charming islands facing each other across the sea. The island is almost full of sunshine, green and seafood in the true sense, the soft and warm colors of the sunrise at sea, the whistle of ships sailing, the blue light refracted when the waves are surging...

Under the careful preparation of the company, the event was well organized and a complete success. Everyone had a great time in this activity, and also let the body and mind get a good relaxation in the nature.

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