Suzhou Plusvac Electric Co., Ltd. participated in the 2018 Spring Canton Fair
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The 127th Spring Canton Fair in 2018 was grandly opened in Guangzhou at the end of April. It mainly focused on export trade, but also engaged in import business. Various forms of economic and technological cooperation and exchanges were carried out. During the exhibition, merchants from all over the world gathered in Guangzhou to communicate with each other. business, enhance friendship.

Suzhou Yiyi Electric Co., Ltd. has become a highlight of the industry in the exhibition with its high-quality products and services after careful preparation. The ingenious design and exquisite explanation have attracted many Chinese and foreign businessmen to stop to watch and consult and negotiate.

In this exhibition, Mr. Song personally introduced the exhibiting products to customers with his team and understood the needs of market customers. He attracted many domestic and foreign customers at the Canton Fair, and was highly recognized by customers.

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